Where to Start?

Educate yourself about the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ and plug it all in and boom! Freedom is All. Right. Here.

Sober Curious?

The Sober Kit provides you with all the tools you need for the easiest path to change your relationship with alcohol or stop drinking. If you imagine the highest version of yourself and that person does not drink alcohol to the extent you do now… This is for you.


What's up with the bottle caps?

Dive in with The Sober Kit by receiving free bottle caps to serve as a reminder as to why you’re doing this. Then, post a pic with your cap on an adventure or with a loved one you otherwise wouldn’t have if you weren’t sober.

Sober Curious?

The Sober Kit provides you with all the tools you need for the easiest path to change your relationship with alcohol or stop drinking. 

Where to Start?

A simple three step process to finding greater freedom 


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You are worth fighting for

The Sober Kit has one purpose. Sharing what I learned over a span of two years on how to get sober or better your relationship with drinking?  YES← you can choose! 

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The Sober Kit helped me figure out where to start with stopping drinking when I didn’t know what options there were besides going to AA meetings. Great resource.


“The Sober Kit has given me the strength, drive, structure, knowledge, and power to have a better relationship with drinking. There's so much content out there that it was overwhelming. I knew I wanted to get a grip on my drinking but I didn't know how. With following the strides suggested from the The Sober Kit, I have done many stints of not drinking and more importantly, I have a better relationship with drinking. I feel better! It helped me pull out of this helpless situation that I felt stuck in. The Sober Kit is fantastic!!! Its a fresh of breath air and a different approach than anything I've seen out there. If you are needing a place to get started, this is it!”


Using the sober kit gave me hope that I can quit drinking.



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