What’s Up with the Bottle Caps?

It doesn’t mater if you’ve been sober for one day or one month. ANY TIME sober is of value!

Post a pic of yourself and your Sober Kit bottle cap on an adventure you wouldn’t have been without your sobriety for that SINGLE DAY! Help show others what they are missing!

What’s up with the bottle caps?

When I was drinking beer at my heaviest, I would keep the bottle caps in my front left pocket from the beer bottles that I drank. I did this so that I could keep track of how many I had so that I didn’t drink too much. That sounds ASININE NOW! Who does that?! At points during the night, I would take them all out and count them to be sure I didn’t drink more than 8 or 10 depending on my self-imposed limit that day. When I started my attempts of trying to stay sober, I wanted a piece to hold in my pocket to remind myself, “Why am I doing this?”

About that time, I found a little gold shiny bottle cap on the ground. It gave me strength when I needed it. When the idea of starting The Sober Kit was born, I knew I had to incorporate the bottle cap. The logo, the business cards, the reminder. When I was having a rough day, I would carry my cap and still do.

When you leverage anything on The Sober Kit, I will send you a few bottle caps for free; for yourself or to share with someone you love. 

Feel free to share the love — the things you did and where you went with your bottle cap. Tag #thesoberkit @thesoberkit places and things you did or participated in that you would not have been able to do if you weren’t sober.


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