About the Sober Kit

I was a basic beer drinker, only beer, never too crazy, drank more on the weekends and rarely drank wine or hard alcohol. Sounds ok…well, what’s the damn problem?

The Back Story

At one point I wanted to stop drinking for a bit because it was impacting my workouts and generally made me feel lethargic, physically and emotionally. ← Yeah right… it was hurting my soul. Drinking was a process, gearing up, coming down, recovering, tired, just not showing up as my full self. 

When I attempted to put some time between me and my beers…I struggled.  I mean I really struggled.  I found I couldn’t even get 3 days in a row!  How could this be? What happened to make me so damn dependent on a few beers every couple of days?  It took me two and a half years of researching every corner for information about how to stop drinking.  AA wasn’t my vibe…I don’t think people need to be labeled and admit bullshit to heal.  I felt it was a 1980s solution to a year 2021 problem…we evolve in everything else– why not in sobriety?!  I had to find a solution!  Then my brother died from alcohol, he literally drank. himself. to. death. at the age of 30.  I wished I knew then…what I know now..

The Sober Kit is my gift to him.

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